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Exemption for citizens from 09 countries

On travelling, the most concern of tourists is about Visa application. Although Vietnam visa application is getting easier, it is by many tourists said that it remains more difficult than that of neighboring nations. Therefore, Vietnam is considering Visa Exemption for foreigners from 9 countries.

According to The Henley & Partners Visa Restrictions Index, Vietnam is ranked 81 because only 47 nationalities are granted Visa exemption, meanwhile, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong is respectively ranked 5, 8 and 15.

Visa application is considered as a procedure for fees including direct fee (Visa fee) and indirect fee (distance, waiting time and procedures). In case, the fee is said to be too high, potential tourists may no longer want to continue their trips but choose other destinations instead.

According to Tony Tyler, the International Air Transport Association (IATA)’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Director General, Vietnam will lose its business opportunities if each tourist takes a choice of visiting neighboring nations instead of Vietnam due to the complication of Vietnam Visa application. Therefore, Vietnam will pay attribute to national tourism’s promotion if the requirements of Visa get loosen.

Mr Joe Mannix, regional Director of United Airlines complains that Visa fee for American tourists entering Vietnam is about $ 40-50, while a number of tourists from other countries are granted free-visa entry. It would be better if this sum of money can be adjusted to lower, even a little.

The proposal of Vietnam Visa exemption for 9 countries

The proposal of loosening Visa procedure for tourists from France, Germany, England, Spain, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, India and Canada by  Ministry of transport and Ministry of  CultureSports and Tourism aims at attracting more international tourists from major areas. The Travel Advisory Council also advocates the above proposal in writing.  
With regard to the reason for choosing these 9 countries, The Travel Advisory Council states that Western tourists are generous with spending, reside in many days; especially tourists from Australia and New Zealand are considered as potential market bringing great benefits for travel business in lower season. Meanwhile, Canada has become one of 15 leading travel markets with a large number of tourists coming to Vietnam.
  International arrivals Visa exemption for
Thai Lan 26.7 million arrivals 61 countries (unilateral Visa exemption for 49 countries)
Malaysia 25.72 million arrivals 155 countries (unilateral Visa exemption for 85 countries)
Singapore 15.6 million arrivals 150 countries (unilateral Visa exemption for 82 countries)
Thanks to Visa exemption, ASEAN countries welcome a great number of tourists
Vietnam has been carrying out Visa exemption system in 30 days for tourists from ASEAN countries (except for Brunei, which is granted Visa-free entry in only 14 days) and 15 days for tourists from Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Japan, Korea and Russia.

Therefore, international arrivals in Vietnam have been increasing remarkably. According to statistics from the General Directorate of Tourism, in the first 8 months in 2014, the international arrivals in Vietnam reached more than 5.47 million arrivals, increased by 12 % compared to the same period in 2013, of which nearly 42% of arrivals are under Visa exemption. Especially, the number of Russian tourists saw the increase of 27%, and the number of Korean and Japanese tourists remains considerable growth. Japan and Korea have become two great markets with big arrivals in Vietnam.

Besides, international tourists coming to Vietnam also bring a great benefit. In 2013, Vietnam welcomed 7.57 international arrivals with the average level of expenditure from $1.200 to $2.500 per tourist, which benefits billions of USD for national travel industry.

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