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The most fascinated passes in Northern Vietnam for adventure lovers

Adventure lovers are those who has a frequent desire for exploring the new world. For them, their happiness is to conquer the challenges in the immense nature. Downing a pass at midnight, or building a camp on the way are the valuable memories for the lovers of adventures.


For any adventure lover, the more they travel, the more encouragous and stable they are. Below are the list of 7 passes, in Northern Vietnam, that fascinated every single traveller. Moreover, an interesting coincidence is that these passes are gathered in the Northwestern Vietnam.

1. Pha Din pass in Dien Bien

The legendary pass - Pha Din challenges numerous adventure lovers

Connecting the two provinces of Son La and Dien Bien, Pha Din pass is widely known for being a challenging pass with the length of 32km. This is really a perfect choice for any adventure lover and for travellers who are in favour of conquering. Being considered as the meeting point of the sky and land, Pha Din is impressive like a scenic and poetic painting that situated among the immense nature. To reach the top of the mountain, travellers have to conquer the height of 1.1648 m and this is really a challenging and adventurous experience for any nature lover.

2. Bac Sum pass in Ha Giang

Bac Sum pass engrosses and appeals to every traveler

Ha Giang is the land of gorgeous and stunning paths that appeal to visitors. Bac Sum pass is renowned for being the second Pha Din pass in the North. The pass is revealed as a white snake crawling around the winding hillsides, from the height. To ride a motobike along this way, you will be treated with the boundless natural landscapes while enjoying the cool and refreshing air.

3. Ma Phi Leng pass in Ha Giang

Ma Phi Leng - a perilous journey for any experienced rider

It is renowned as one of the region’s four greatest passes, Ma Phi Leng is a really challenging trouble for any travellers to deal with. You should be an experienced and skillful rider so that you can deal with the challenges of this 20-km pass. One side is the towering mountain ranges, the other side is the chasms, and when going through the pass, you can have different feelings of anxiety, fear, amazement and excitement. The pass connecting the Meo Vac town and Dong Van city with the smooth green trees along the way. It is a regret for any adventure lover if not experiencing conquering this pass once.

4. O Quy Ho pass in Lao Cai

O Quy Ho pass with magnificent and spectacular view

The long pass of 50 km is the close friend of the Hoang Lien Son mountain range and is the connector of the two provinces Lai Chau and Lao Cai, O Quy Ho pass can be a risky task for even the most experienced and skillful riders because of the densed mist covering and obscuing visitors from observing, however, the road leading through the pass is considered as a beautiful princess sleeping in forest, therefore, no one can refuse the appealing invitation.

5. Khau Pha pass in Yen Bai

If having opportunity to visit Yen Bai, you should not miss the chance to travel through the well-known pass named as Khau Pha. The  pass is covered and surrounded by the thick fog all year around, so the most impressive symbol highlighted in the sky is the top of the towering mountain. The 32km pass road is tough and dangerous with the height diversified from 1200 meters to 1500 meters and helps travellers to have advanturous experiences. The perilous but scenic nature of Khau Pha pass fascinates and engrosses every visitors travelling to Yen Bai.

Khau Pha pass offers travelers with staggering view and great pleasure to cross

6. Ma Phuc pass in Cao Bang

Like other renowned passes, Ma Phuc pass is prominent for being a great destination that is the combination of wildness and magnificence. Discovering the compellingness of the surrounding scenery while conquering the challenging mountains is really an unforgetable moment and it makes your trip pleasurable. Traveling to Cao Bang but missing the chance to conquer Ma Phuc pass is a deep regret and you seem waste time in this province. therefore, this should be highlighted in your travel notes so that you will not miss such an exciting experience in you vacation.

7. Thung Khe pass in Hoa Binh

The pass crossing a deep valley offers visitors scenic view of the fairy land

Watching the blue sky with white clouds, keeping your motobike to run along the winding and even twisting road is really a feeling that difficult to describe. That is the particular emotion that every adventure lover has experienced when passing Thung Khe. The mist and cloud seem covers the land all year around, so that whenever you arrive there, you can feel like travelling in a fairy land. This is also the road you have to pass before reaching Mai Chau, Moc Chau. At the altitude of 1000m above sea level, the atmosphere is cool and fresh, so you will be engrossed with the pass whenever having chance to cross it.
The 7 passes mentioned above are the adventures that afirm the passion of the adventure lovers. What makes the pass so compelling is the poetic scenery and wildness of the nature together with the dangerous and folded turnings. Anxiety, fear, desire and fascination are the different feelings you can experience during the time exploring and conquering the risky adventures. Difficulty is what encourages and motivates people, the more adventurous the passes are, the more insistent visitors are to conquer it. These passes reveal their wild beauty and magnificence of the Northwestern Vietnam. Coming to visit the Northwestern Vietnam, travellers will be fascinated with the challenging but romantic roads.

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