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Exploring the tourist area Hoa Binh Reservoir – a Terrestrial Ha Long Bay on the mountain

Ha Long Bay has long been not only the top-renowned attraction in Vietnam but is an attractive destination worldwide. Being Vietnamese people, we are proud of that, besides, we are honor to intoduce to the international friends another destination that is considered Hay Long Bay on the mountain - Hoa Binh reservoir

Ha Long Bay has long been not only the top-renowned attraction in Vietnam but is an attractive destination worldwide. Being Vietnamese people, we are proud of that, besides, we are honor to intoduce to the international friends another destination that is considered Hay Long Bay on the mountain, Hoa Binh lake in Hoa Binh province which is around 70 km away from Hanoi capital. As the potential destination for developing tourism, Hoa Binh province also has plenty of specialities such as traditional tube rice, can wine, and so on or some famous attractions like warm spring or Thung Nai,….
Located near Hanoi capital – the center of politics, economy and culture of the country, with the scenic surroundings and temperate climate, Hoa Bing lake has becoming a great destination that visitors should not miss. This is an ideal place for spending time for entertainment activities, travelling and relaxing. If you wish to have sometime away from the bustling city where you live with stress of work and life, it is recommendable to spend a couple of days relaxing at the lake.
Away from Hanoi capital two hours of driving, so you can travel there by car, bus or motobike. Coming there, you will be overwhelmed with the sheer immensity of the lake with the length of 70km spreading over 17 communes belong to 5 districts of Hoa Binh. The depth of the lake is from 80 to 110 meters, so it is a great danger for your children if you do nto watch out them when they play with the water.

The poetic and scenic view of Hoa Binh reservoir is considered the beauty of a terrestrial Ha Long Bay
The most outstanding feature of Hoa Binh reservoir is the hydropower plant built on the lake: Hoa Binh hydropower plant. Thanks to the hydropower plant, hundreds of households in the area are suppied with electricity, and it also contributes greatly on improving the living condition of the local people and developing their manufacturing condition. Not only playing significant role in the economy of the province, the hydropower plant is a worth-visit destination for many people. Coming there, you can explore and learn about the process for manufacturing electricity, contemplating the great construction of the plant with the magnificent floodgate and slipway. This is a must-see view for any visitor to Hoa Binh to have.
After the amazement with the construction playing significant role in developing the economy of the nation, you can have chance to experience the emotions when offering an incense to the Uncle Ho Monument, visiting the traditional house and the monument where the workers and experts who gave their life to the construction of the hydropower plant were memorized. Going from different stages of emotions, you seem to be engrossed to the space here.
In addition to the hydropower plant, you can have opportunity to visit other landscapes in the Ha Long Bay on mountain such as Hoa Tien cave, Ngoi Hoa bay, Thac Bo cave, …. Among those, Thac Bo can be outstanding attraction for visitors because of the particular features of the cave. Depending on season, you can have different ways to experience the cave. In dry season, you will climb up throug around a hundreds of stone steps, while in water season, you can travel through a “bridge” that created by the body of a kind of plant here. Therefore, whenever visiting this attraction, you can have exciting experiences to explore. Moreover, like in other interesting caves along the country, you can have pleasurable moments to enjoy when visiting thanks to the refreshing cool air and the magnificence of the sparkling stalactites chains.

The hydropower plant not only contributes to improve the living condition of the local but is the appealing tourist attraction

Visiting Hoa Binh, you will regconize that the comparision of Hoa Binh reservoir with a terrestrial Ha Long Bay is a reasonable definition. With 47 islands of full sizes, Hoa Binh reservoir can create a scenic painting of the mountain and river that fascinates every traveller who sets their footsteps on the region. Covering the reservoir are the smooth green mountain and the imposing and poetic mountain range, the surroundings are considered as the view of the fairy land.
Each island in Hoa Binh reservoir is called a different lovely name that features each island such as Windmills Island, Coconut Island, Friends island, and so on. Visiting these island, you will have chances to experience the life of the Muong ethnic people, enjoy the delicous specialities in the region such as baked Muong pork, smoked fish, wild vegetables and sauce for eatcing with fish organs. Besides, there are some activities for you to entertain such as rowing a boat, swimming, and picking fruits, …. These are the chances for you to merge yourself with the life of the local people and to have such memorized experiences.
For so many prominent features and benefits of scenic and magnificent surroundings, delicous and extraordinary foods, together with that, the infrastructure systems are being upgraded, Hoa Binh reservoir is expected to be an appealing tourist attracttion for many visitors both domestically and internationally.  Moreover, this offers different chances for the local authority to explore different types of tourism such as adventure tourism, eco-tourism, leisure tourism and spiritual tourism. If you have any chance to visit Hoa Binh reservoir, do not miss the chance to visit the terrestrial Ha Long Bay on mountain – Hoa Binh reservoir.

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