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Hanoi– One of the world most inexpensive cities

According to the evaluation resultsof Hoppa – a specialized website in aviation transportation, together with Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur, Hanoi is landed in the 19th place in the list of the world most inexpensive cities.

Hoppa, the specialized website in aviation transportation do not caculate the total amount of money that visitors pay for tourist service each day in each city worldwide. In order to know which is the cheapest city, Hoppa analyse the prices of a journey. The prices typically include the fee for taking a taxi to go to some destination around the city, the price of overnight accomodation, and the amount of money they have to pay for a lunch or dinner. Besides, Hoppa also analyse and caculate the price of a glass of 500 - ml beer, a cup of coffee, a bottle of wine.
The capital city of Hanoi offers the forth cheapest price worldwide accoding to Hoppa’s evaluation.

The Budapest capital city of Hungary ranked as the cheapest city in the list.
From the collected data, Hoppa has found out 19 cities which are the world most inexpensive tourist cities. Accordingly, Hanoi is shortlisted in the list and ranked in the forth place with the total amount of money a visitor has to pay a day on average is 89.25 USD. The amount included the fee for taking a taxi to travel (for 3 km): 1.72$, standard hotel room: 58.31$, a meal: 15.23$; beer: 0.66$, coffee: 1.55$ and wine: 10.01$.

Bangkok, Thailand is ranked third in the list.
Landed in the top of the league is Budapest, the capital city of Hungary with the total price for a day of 57.01$. In the top 10, beside Hanoi, some well-known Asia cities such as Bangkok (Thailand), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) also appear in the list.

Previously, Hanoi was evaluated to be the world most inexpensive cities according to Tripadvisor.
This is not the first time, the capital city of Vietnam – Hanoi shortlisted in the list of the tourist cities with ideal prices. Recently, the reputable tourist site – Tripadvisor has selected Hanoi as the one of the cities with most ideal prices for tourists. It is evident that the Asia tourist cities perpetually remain as the appealing destinations for visitors. While, the North America and Europe  are homes to the most expensive cities.
Top 10 cheapest tourist cities evaluated by Hoppa:
1. Budapest (Hungary): 57.01 USD
2. Tenerife (Spain): 58.68 USD
3. Bangkok (Thailand): 86.82 USD
4. Hanoi (Vietnam): 89.25 USD
5. Cape Town (South Africa): 93.30 USD
6. Faro (Portugal): 95.50 USD
7. Auckland (New Zealand): 103.16 USD
8. Corfu (Greece): 110.86 USD
9. Sharm el-Sheikh (Egypt): 111.44 USD
10. Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia): 114.83 USD

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