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4 Reasons Make Vietnam Top The List Of The Most Secure Countries For Travellers

According to the surveys provided from various renowned tourism magazines such as Telegraph, Dailystar, Roughguides, Vietnam remains its top rank in the list of the most secure countries for travellers.

According to the surveys provided from various renowned tourism magazines such as Telegraph, Dailystar, Roughguides, Vietnam remains its top rank in the list of the most secure countries for travellers. Therefore, the number of visitors arrived at Vietnam keeps on increasing with no mark of any decrease.
A part from Vietnam, some countries such as Singapore, Korea, New Zealand are also in the list. Would you wonder what the reasons for Vietnam to remain shortlisted in this valuable list are?

1. Stable politics
Politics is the primary and principle factor that decide the secure of a country. In the multiple-party countries, political upheavals are frequent issues. Demonstrations and protests result in the chaos on streets or even families; they also take away the life of many people including visitors.
Vietnam is a single party country with Communist Party of Vietnam. Under the leadership of the party, the country has obtained plenty of remarkable achievements with almost no strike happening , therefore it is safe for tourists.
An example of protests that terrified and dismayed visitors was in Thailand few years ago, when a storm of protests was raised against the government. Hundreds visitors were stuck in this country because of the blockade from the country. They could not get out of this country while the living condition is terrible. Then, at the tourist sites or shopping centers, visitors were in the same situations, and they could be hurt when going out. This issue has left in thousands of travellers visiting Thailand, then, a panic.
With such political stability like in Vietnam, visitors can fully relax, travellign and shopping without worrying about the political upheavals.

2. No Terrorism
Terrorism is always the terrifying obsession for nations worldwide. The bloody terrorist attacks in the US, Pakitan, Afghanistan, … has brought the humanity with horrible fright. The terrorist attack on 9th November will always be an unforgetable mark.
At the nations with frequent terrotist attacts, visitors could hardly be travelling without worrying of being the victims of the attacks, massacres, hostage issues, …
While in Vietnam,  through thousands years, no terrorist attacks happened. Even though in the political events or during the visits of Presidents from foreign countries, the security in Vietnam is always guaranteed.


3. Low proportion of robbery and thievery
Social evils like pickpockets, prostitutions, or drug addictions, … are the causes of ensecure feeling for visitors. At the multiple-ethnic countries, these are frequent issues, particularly at night time. In these countries, the number of immigrants are high (including legal immigrations), which leads to the difficulty in security controlling, moreover, you can regconize the racial discrimination everywhere in these countries.
In Vietnam, the proportion of robbery, thievery or violation is relatively low, therefore, you can travel alone on streets without worrying. Beside, Vietnam is considered the ideal destination for female tourists because of the security of the country.

4. Friendly local people
Local residents of Vietnam are mostly friendly, open-minded, so travellers can feel relaxing and comfortable while traveling. Tourists can ask for the way to somewhere, or ask the price of some products without buying but the shop keepers are not showing bad temper. Otherwise, Vietnamese people respect and obey the regulations, so not many cases of harashing and assailing travellers.
The reasons mentioned above have helped Vietnam score good marks in the eyes of international friends in terms of tourism security. The weakness of Vietnam in term of tourism might be the service quality, however, for the security, Vietnam always tops the ranking. Over decades, Vietnam has remained its top rank in the list and as a result, tourists to Vietnam never have to worry about the protests, terrorist attacks, robbery or assailing…. On vacations, beside contemplating the beauty spots, experiencing the high-class services, no visitors want to experience the insecurity or social issues. Vietnam is the ideal destination with the convergence of necessary elements like scenic nature, exellent cuisine and security. Therefore, remaining good management work in the future, the number of visitors to Vietnam will surely increase and tourism of Vietnam is expected to be the spearhead economic sector of the country.

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