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Vietnam Visa On Arrival

Vietnam Visa On Arrival (VOA) is new policy of a department belong Vietnam Government, namely Vietnam Immigration Department about visa approval letter for foreigners who entry Vietnam through the international airports in Vietnam like: Noi Bai airport, Tan Son Nhat airport, Da Nang airport, Lien Khuong airport and Cam Ranh airport, … which help them to get their actual visa in these airports.

Previously, if visitors arrived at Vietnam for traveling, business trips or relatives visits, it took much time and various procedures for an approved visa. Specifically, visitors had to submit documents directly to the Vietnam Embassy or Vietnam Consulate in their country. It would take much time and effort to travel from their city to the other which Vietnam Embassy is located.
Moreover the preparation of documents for the first-time visa application is rather complicated. Required documents include: passport of 6 months validity, application form, and some other documents required by the Vietnam Embassy or Consulate in their country. There was a note that if the required documents are not fully prepared, your visa would not be approved until the supplementation was submitted.
Afterwards, you had to wait from 7 to 10 days depends on the fee required by Vietnam Embassy in your country. For instance, Vietnam visa fee in Vietnam Embassy in Bangkok, Thai Land is $50, however in Washington, US is $85, besides, you have to pay the stamping fee of $45 or $95 based upon the types of visa.
Currently, thanks to open-door policy promoting the image of Vietnam to foreign visitors, the Government of Vietnam has to take measures facilitating for more international visitors to visit and work in Vietnam. Vietnam Visa On Arrival service offers you more convenience and less concern about the time and procedures you had to experience before and even with more economical fee for visa obtain.

Using the Vietnam Visa On Arrival (VOA) service is easy, but you need to know first about the fee of VOA. It will include a:

1. Service fee: For this fee you will have to pay for the travel agent or tourism company who guarantees and arranges the visa approval letter for you for the Vietnam Immigration Department. You can see the reference for Vietnam visa fees.

2. Stamping fee: this fee will have to be paid at the airport directly located at the cashier of Border Customs with a fixed rate of:

  • Visa one month / three months / six months single entry: 25 usd
  • Visa one month / three months multiple entry: 50 usd
  • Visa six months / one year multiple entry: 135 usd

On our system, we would like to introduce the 4 basic steps for you to comprehend how it works:

In order to use Vietnam Visa On Arrival Service, you can contact one of the companies or travel agents who are licensed sponsor of immigration by Vietnam Immigration Department, they will help you process the documents to arrange visa approval letter via 4 steps:

Step 1:
Provide us fully and correctly your personal information such as:

Full name as passport  
Gender Male / Female
Date of Birth Ex: 08-Jun-1980
Your Nationality  
Passport Number  
Entry Date Ex: 30-Nov-2015
Type of visa Click more details
Rush Service Click more details
Your contact Email, Phone number...
Your Message (If you have other request..)  


  • Please note that in order to apply for visa, your passport should be at least of 6 months validity.
  • We commit to complete confidentiality of the customers information in the application form. The provided information is used for the only purpose of completing personal procedures and paperwork, therefore requires accuracy.
  • Email address and mobile number is essential for receiving the approval letter of your visa.

Step 2: The confirmation of personal information need to be conducted then you can pay the VOA service fee. Please refer to the rate considered the most reasonable service fee offered to the visitors here.

Step 3: You need only one or two work days waiting for and receive visa approval letter to approve by Vietnam Immigration Department in your email which is provided in step 1. 

(It takes commonly one work day for visa document to be processes and maximum 2 work days)

Step 4: You need a print of the visa letter before arriving at the airport for departure to Vietnam and remember to bring your 2 photos of 4x6cm (white background) and fee for stamping at the entrance of the airport as in the tariff below:

  • Visa one month / three months / six months single entry: 25 usd
  • Visa one month / three months mutiple entry: 50 usd
  • Visa six months / one year mutiple entry: 135 usd
Arriving Vietnam, your personal information will be checked to make sure of a match in your passport and approval letter by the customs officers.
With the prestige and 10-year experience as a sponsor for foreign tourists, each year we successfully guarantee for thousands of application for Vietnam Visa On Arrival for customers. Our company would commit to the legality of all information and procedures, and 100% of customers receive the Vietnam Visa On Arrival letter from the company email address (an exception is the customer who has been refused to enter Vietnam by Vietnam Immigration Department for law violation).


  • In any case, if you do not receive visa approval letter from our company after successful payment, and if this reason belongs our subjective mistakes, we commit to send you a full refund and additional charge (if have).
  • Stamping fee at the airports will be paid in local currency, Vietnam Dong or US Dollar. (If you do not have USD or VND, you can exchange at counters at the airport based on exchange rate of Vietnam banks).
  • Follow new Circular of Vietnam Government from 23-Nov-2015, Stamped fee at Vietnam internation airports for foreigners adjusted as: cut down from $45 to $25 for visa one month single entry and cut down from $95 to $50 for visa 3 months multiple entry. More Details..

For any further requirements, please contact us via:

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