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Frequently asked questions

1. Is your estimated processing time 100% guaranteed?

No, the estimated processing time is not 100% guaranteed and is calculated based on our data from the last 15 days. While we strive to provide accurate processing time estimates, factors beyond our control, such as unforeseen circumstances or changes in regulations, can occasionally lead to variations in processing times. We do our best to minimize any delays and keep you informed throughout the process.

2. How long is a visitor visa to Vietnam?

A visitor or tourist visa allows its holders to stay in Vietnam for up to 90 days.

3. How long does Vietnam visa application take?

The standard processing time for a Vietnam E-Visa is generally 5-7 working days.

4. What are the common reasons for a Vietnam visa application to be rejected?

Some of the common reasons include:

  • Incomplete or incorrect information on the visa application form (Name does not match ICAO line).

  • Failure to meet the entry requirements for Vietnam, such as having a valid passport or not providing with correct passport sized photos and passport data page.

  • Violating Vietnam's immigration laws during a previous visit.

5. What documents are needed to apply for a Vietnamese visa?

The following documents are required for a Vietnam visa application:

  • A passport with at least six months of validity remaining and at least two blank page for the visa stamp.

  • Two recent passport-sized photos (4*6cm).

  • A scan of passport data page (for e-visa)

  • Visa approval letter (for visa on arrival).

  • Credit/debit card for visa payment.

6. Is visa on arrival available right now?

Visa on arrival is still an option for travelers to Vietnam, but only for those who are part of an organized tour with a local tour operator. If you are not traveling with a tour operator, please apply for an e-visa instead.