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Guarantee procedures for visa application of foreigners to vietnam for doing business

The procedures of applying for visa letter to Vietnam for foreigners who work with businesses and organzations in Vietnam.
1. The legal documents regulate on the procedures of applying for offical entry letter of foreign visitors to Vietnam for the purposes of employment, doing business and investing.
- Act No. 47/2014 / QH2013 – regulates on entry, exit, transit and residence of foreigners in Vietnam.
- Circular No. 04/2015 / TT-BCA regulates on forms for visa application, temporary visas for foreigners.
- Legal document of the company or organization (applied for company that submit the application at the Immigration Department for the first time, this document is not required for the next submission).
- Operation license of the company and organization (Business registration, investment license, permit for branch operation, and representative offices. Company or organization need to submit these dossiers for the first submission of application  at the Immigration Department.)
- Certificate of registration of the seal specimen or the notice paper of the information publication about the company’s seal specimen on the national portal of business registration.
- NA16 form - registration of the seal specimen with signature of the legal representative of the company or organization operating in Vietnam.
2. Procedures of application for entry letter and visa issue
Step 1: Prepare the following documents: the guarantor fills out the forms mentioned above, the legal representative of the company or organization signs and seals following the regulations.
Note: For the case of applying for Vietnam visa from three months to longer duration of stay, it is mandatory to provide the the work permit or exemption certificate of work permit for foreigners entering Vietnam for working.
Step 2: Submit the dossiers and get appointment letter. Employee of the enterprise or organization operating in Vietnam should submit all required documents to the Immigration Department (the representative should bring and show their ID card and a letter of referral from the company). If the enterprise or organization’s head office is in the North, the submission place is Immigration Department of Hanoi, if the enterprise or organization located in the Middle, the submission place is Immigration Department of Da Nang, and in the South, where to submit dossiers is the Immigration Department of Ho Chi Minh city. Otherwise, if the applicant send dossiers to the Embassy or consulate of Vietnam in foreign countries, the enterprise or company will pay the fee at the check-in counter.
Step 3: Waiting for result. After 5 working days from the date of submission,  for the enterprise or company provided enough legal documents, approval letter will be issued. In the entry approval letter, the Immigration Department will obviously  indicate the date of arrival and place where visa is issued for foreigners.
Step 4: Inform the foreign visitor. When the approval letter is issued and sent to the enterprise or organization, it should be notified to the visitor so that he/ she get to know that the procedures are completed; By the way, sending the approval letter to the foreigner (via email, photo taken from email, fax, or by courier service) for foreigner to complete the final step of the procedures.
Step 5: Receive visa and submit fee
At the airport or border gate where visa is stamped, applicants will fill out and submit the NA1 form with a 3x4m photo to gether with Passport, a Photocopy of the approval letter issued by the Immigration Department, and visa fee (at the visa stamping counter, the fee range of visa stamp is posted publicly.)
Note: The foreigner should read carefully the content of the visa approval letter to ensure the place of obtaining visa stamp suite with their plan. Normally, visa is stamped at the Vietnam Embassy or consulate in foreign countries or at the international airports of Vietnam such as Noi Bai international airport, Tan Son Nhat and Da Nang international airport, …).
For the case that the foreign visitors submit and obtain visa at the Vietnam Embassy or consulate, they need to bring their dossiers directly to these organizations, and wait for around 5 working days to get visa from the Embassy or consulate.
For the case that foreigners receive visa at Vietnam airports or border gates, they will follow the formalities at the check-in counter for entering Vietnam. Normally, it takes about 20 minutes to get the visa stamp, sometime, it can be longer because of the crowd of visitors.
In order to obtain more detailed information about the formalities of applying visa approval letter for foreigners, please contact us for consultation of mandatory procedures.

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